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In this blog, we’ll discuss how to modify the SharePoint site access request settings which will give the TestSite Members the ability to request access to a website that they can’t view. As an admin, you can either approve or decline their request afterward. 

By customizing the access request settings, you can control if the members can share the site, files, folders, send invitations to other TestSite members, and request access to the site.

Customizing SharePoint Site Access Request Settings

In the advanced permission settings, click the Access Request Settings under the PERMISSIONS ribbon to start modifying it.

SharePoint site access

After that, the Access Requests Settings dialog box will appear.

SharePoint site access

In this window, you’ll see different options which you can control by ticking the checkboxes. Take note that the first checkbox in these options is checked by default. This allows them to share the site, files, and folders.

In line with this, the second option must be enabled for them to be able to invite other people to the site members group and share the site as well. If this checkbox is not selected, members of the site won’t be able to share the site.

One of the options here is to allow access requests.

SharePoint site access

Selecting this option will allow the people who don’t have access to the site to see and click a button that allows them to send a permission request to access the site.

SharePoint site access

However, if this option isn’t selected, then they won’t be able to click the Request Access button or it won’t be visible at all.

You can also control who’ll receive the access request. You can opt to choose between your site’s admins or just specify an email address and include a custom message that will be visible on the access request page on the site. For instance, refer to the screenshot below.

SharePoint site access

Click on OK once you’re done customizing the SharePoint site access request settings.

SharePoint Site Access: Removing A User From A Group

Next, for us to be able to see the access request page on the site, we’re going to remove one user from the Managers group. Brad Pitt as an example. To do this, just click Managers from the list of groups.

SharePoint site access

This will take us to the Managers group. From there, select the checkbox beside Brad Pitt’s name.

After that, click on Actions and select Remove Users from Group.

SharePoint site access

Just click OK when you see a pop-up window, like the example below.

SharePoint site access

Checking Permissions

Since we removed Brad Pitt from the Managers group, we’re now going to check this user’s permissions by going back to the advanced permission settings and clicking on Check Permissions.

SharePoint site access

Then, in the Check Permissions dialog box, we’ll enter Brad Pitt’s name to make sure that he is restricted from accessing the SharePoint site. After that, click Check Now.

SharePoint site access

Upon checking, we’ll see that the permission levels given to Brad Pitt are now removed.

SharePoint site access

Next, if we try to access the site as Brad Pitt, this is what we’re going to see.

SharePoint site access

From here we can send a message to the admin asking for permission to access the site. Then click the Request Access button.

SharePoint site access

After sending the request, we’ll see a message saying that our request is awaiting approval from the admin.

Granting Permissions

As the site admin, I’ll then receive an email from Brad Pitt, requesting access to the site. And from this email, I can choose which SharePoint group I would like him to be a part of. I can also approve or decline his request from here without going to SharePoint which is convenient on the site admin’s side.

Alternatively, in SharePoint site settings, you’ll see a notification like this.

Then click Show access requests and invitations. This will take us to the Access Requests page where we can see the pending requests. On the list, we’ll see Brad Pitt’s request. We can also check his profile by clicking on his name before approving or declining his request.

On this page, we’re able to see what his request is for. In this case, it’s for TestSite, which will add him to the default group that we’ve specified upon approval.

Going back to SharePoint site settings, click the TestSite Members group.

And here we can see Brad Pitt added as a member of the site. Please note that you can also change the default group in SharePoint depending on your preference.

After that, let’s go back to the Sharepoint site that Brad Pitt is trying to access and refresh it.

Upon refreshing, Brad Pitt now has access to the site as a member.

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To sum it up, we’ve discussed how to modify the SharePoint site access request settings. Additionally, you’ve also learned the alternative ways of approving or declining requests through email or by going to SharePoint’s access request page.

Take note that if you’re planning to approve requests through email, you can then choose to put them as TestSite Members or TestSite Visitors.

On the other hand, approving requests by using SharePoint’s access request page will automatically add them to the default group that you’ve specified.

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