Power BI Design – Best Practice Tips For Dashboards

Power BI Design - Best Practice Tips For Dashboards

In this tutorial, I’ll run through my seven Power BI design best practices for dashboarding. This is a snapshot of the reports you’ll be developing inside the Dashboarding and Data Visualization Intensive course in Enterprise DNA. These seven best practices are what I use in every report that I create in Power BI regardless of

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New In Power BI Showcase – Procurement Insights, Sales Overview, Inventory Analysis

The Power BI Showcase continues to be a wonderful resource for those who want to step up their game in using Power BI across different scenarios. We’ve launched 3 more reports that can give you powerful insights if you’re working on procurement, sales and inventory. The Enterprise DNA Power BI Showcases give you the opportunity

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Solving Missing Currency Rates With Power Query In Power BI

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Power Query for currency conversions in Power BI. The method discussed in this blog will help you solve problems in your currency rates table using the last available rate. You’ll understand how to work things out when the currency rates table doesn’t have a currency rate on

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Creating A Date Table In Power BI The Fastest Way Possible

Enterprise DNA Power BI Video Tutorial Create a Detailed Date Table Fast

I’m going to show you a new approach in creating a date table in Power BI. I’ve done so many tutorials about creating date tables over the years, but the new method I’m using now is, by far, the most efficient way to do it. This is actually an approach created by Melissa, one of

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Power BI Challenge #9 Wrap Up

We’re once again done with another Power BI Challenge. Judging who the winner is has become more and more challenging as we see participants getting better and better with every round. This challenge is about currency conversion. It involves a company that buys scrap and waste recyclables. Because the company deals with clients from all

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