New Enterprise DNA Course: Mastering Report Development

As promised, we’re delivering a brand new course developed by our experts on the Enterprise DNA Education Platform every month. Last month, we released Optimizing DAX course by Nick Moné. This month, we’re releasing a new course called “Mastering Report Development – Start to Finish” and it’s created by Jarrett Moore. For those of you

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Power BI Holiday Calendar – Calculate Date W/DAX

Creating a Power BI holiday calendar is crucial for many time intelligence calculations. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to calculate specific holiday dates using DAX measures. This example came from one of the Enterprise DNA initiatives called Problem of the Week, where each month we’re taking a real-world DAX or Power

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Enterprise DNA Upcoming Courses for 2021

Enterprise DNA Upcoming Courses

The Enterprise DNA community has grown significantly over the last year and we know that the value we deliver in terms of content and resources is one of the top reasons. That’s why this year, we’re delivering even more relevant courses that we know will push every member to master even more Power BI techniques

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Power BI Reports Design – Unlimited Possibilities


In this blog, I’m going to just highlight an incredible example of Power BI reports design. It’s so out-of-the-box design, which is outside the normal way that you would think Power BI can do. This Power BI reports design will show you the unlimited possibilities in developing reports engaging your team and your consumers. So

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How To Use Options Within A Bookmark in Power BI


Today, we’ll go on a deep dive into using a bookmark in Power BI. In some of the previous Enterprise DNA videos that I’ve recently done, I showed you how to use bookmarks in reports to hide certain visuals and how to group bookmarks so you can organize them. There isn’t a whole lot of

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