Industries Analytics & Applications Summit 2022 – FREE Live Virtual Learning Event

Be part of a powerful data revolution as we deliver an empowering learning experience through the Industries Analytics & Applications Summit 2022. It’s going to be 3 days of insights and knowledge from industry experts, helping you shape your future in analytics. The Industries Analytics & Application Summit is happening from November 16 to 18,

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Power Query Optimization: Reducing Decimal Numbers

Power Query Optimization Reducing Decimal Numbers - Enterprise DNA

In this tutorial, you’ll learn a Power Query optimization technique to reduce RAM usage. Specifically, you’ll learn how to reduce the numbers stored after a decimal place. This is helpful if you’re dealing with columns stored in a decimal number format. In this example, you can see that the Net Price is consuming 11MB of

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RSS Feeds In SharePoint: An Overview

RSS Feeds In Sharepoint - Enterprise DNA

In this blog, we’ll discuss RSS feeds in SharePoint. This feature was actually designed for the classic version and not in the modern version. An RSS feed is a way for SharePoint to log all changes to a specific app. Whether it’s a document library or a list, it’ll track all the changes made.  Also,

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Aggregate Functions In SQL And Their Usage

Aggregate Functions In SQL And Their Usage - Enterprise DNA

In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing the different aggregate functions in SQL and how we can use them. In SQL, aggregate functions are used to accumulate data from multiple rows into a single summary row.  Aggregate functions in SQL can be very helpful for analysts when doing data summarization. Commonly Used Aggregate Functions In SQL

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Row Level Security & Object Level Security In Power BI DAX Studio

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to test the Row Level Security (RLS) and Object Level Security (OLS) in Power BI DAX Studio. In simple terms, Row Level Security prevents user access to specified rows. Meanwhile, Object Level Security prevents user access to specified columns and tables. Examples for testing RLS and OLS in DAX

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Power BI Project Planning: Discovery & Ingestion

Power BI Project Planning Discovery & Ingestion - Enterprise DNA

In today’s blog post, we’ll be continuing our series on how you can plan for your Power BI project. We’ve already talked about deployment modes for the first part on this series. Now, let’s talk about discovery and ingestion. Importance Of Discovery And Ingestion An organization’s business intelligence asset is the result of individual projects

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