Power Query: Combine Files from Multiple Folders

Power Query Combine Files from Multiple Folders

For this post, we’ll be doing work in power query, combine files from multiple folders in our network, desktop, OneDrive, or SharePoint. In this example, we have three CSV files in a folder and the data looks like this: We will be using power query in Excel, which works exactly the same as power query

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Power BI Report Refresh Automatically | PBI Service

Power BI Report Refresh Automatically

In this tutorial, our topic is Power BI report refresh automatically. How do we automatically refresh reports in Power BI Service? So, what happens is the data keeps on coming every day, and I want to program my Power BI so that it should automatically fetch and refresh the data from Power BI Service to

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PowerApps Data: How to Upload and View Data In Entities

Uploading PowerApps Data in Field

In this tutorial, we’re going to talk about how to upload and view PowerApps data when working with entities. In a previous tutorial, we added fields into an entity called Customer. These fields correspond to the data that’s available in our data source. Now that we have these fields available, let’s take a look at

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Wiki Page In SharePoint | What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know Wiki Page In SharePoint

SharePoint offers different types of pages to users. It’s essential to know how and when you might need to use a particular page type. In this blog, we’ll discuss the Wiki page in SharePoint and how we can create one. Similar to Wikipedia, a wiki is designed for a group of users to quickly store,

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Why Get A Microsoft Power Platform Certification?

Microsoft Power Platform Certification Roadmap

For this blog post, I’ll be talking about Microsoft certifications related to the Power Platform. Microsoft Power Platform certification is always useful because it allows you to tell your employers that you have skills in certain areas and tools, but it can also be expensive. You can watch the full video of this tutorial at

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