Time Tables In Power BI: Solution For POTW #10

Time Tables In Power BI- Solution For POTW #10

On this blog post, I’ll be bringing you the solution for working with time tables in Power BI, which is our Problem of the Week #10. This wasn’t an overly difficult challenge. But still, it was quite a niggly one that threw in quite a few curve balls. You can watch the full video of

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New On Power BI Showcase – Emergency Services Analytics

Emergency services is one of the most critical industries in the world today and analyzing processes related to it can help zero in on opportunities to make it more efficient. With these new entries to our Power BI Showcase, you can see unique and creative ways to do this. The Power BI Showcase is a

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Waffle Charts: Power BI Custom Visualization

Waffle Charts- Power BI Custom Visualization

Waffle Charts in Power BI are advanced chart types that are commonly used to show parts of a whole. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use the Enlighten Waffle chart which is another custom visual in Power BI. It provides an easy and simple way to visualize a percentage of values on a 10×10

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Power BI Challenge 14 Wrap Up: Emergency Services Analytics

We’ve wrapped up yet another exciting round of the Power BI Challenge, which tackles emergency services analytics. The 14th of our challenges, this has produced quite a number of amazing submissions. Power BI Challenges The Power BI Challenge happens once a month. Since the first challenge last year, we’ve proven that Power BI is indeed

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Bullet Charts: Advanced Custom Visuals for Power BI

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss a custom visual called Bullet charts. They’re mainly used for measuring performance against target or previous years. Bullet charts are useful visuals for comparing employee performance, shipment targets, sales targets, production targets, and many more. This is a sample bullet chart that I have created. We’ll discuss how I created

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