What Is DAX? Understanding Its Meaning, Importance And Use

Once you understand transformations and data modeling, you can finally start working on visualizations on your reports. This would require a deeper understanding of DAX. What Is DAX? What is DAX and why is it important? DAX stands for Data Analysis Expressions. DAX is the formula language within Power BI. This is where Power BI’s

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Power BI Showcase – Insurance, Client Satisfaction & Optical Data Reports

Power BI Showcase – Insurance, Client Satisfaction and Optical Data Reports

Our Power BI Showcase has always proven how useful Power BI can be across different industries. In fact, we’ve launched 3 new showcases that give fresh insights, especially if you’re in the optical, insurance and client care sectors. The Enterprise DNA Power BI Showcases are amazing tools you can use in real-life scenarios. Here are

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Calculate Workdays Between Two Dates In Power BI

Calculating Workdays Between Two Dates in Power BI

I’m going to show you how to calculate workdays between two dates either with the holidays counted or without the holidays. This is a topic that’s been asked over and over again on the Enterprise DNA Forum. I also believe that this will be a great way to close this Time Intelligence series, knowing that

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Using The Offset Function In Extended Date Tables

Offset Function in Extended Date Tables

I’m going to show you how to use the offset function in Power BI. It’s one of the most dynamic tools you can use especially in your date tables. Once you master how to apply it in your time intelligence projects, you can get more in-depth insights that you won’t get using any other approach.

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Data Masking For Sensitive Information In Power BI

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to perform data masking for sensitive information in Power BI using Power Query. Data masking allows you to hide or remove confidential or identifiable information in your Power BI data models. The discussion will focus on these points: And this basic model will be used as the example: When

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