Announcing The Enterprise DNA Scholarship Program

Today we have an exciting announcement at Enterprise DNA. We are launching our scholarship program. We have a desire at Enterprise DNA to impact all users of Power BI around the world, and with the creation of this scholarship program, we feel we can bring a wider reach to our unmatched offering of training and

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Using Filter Fields & Visual Interactions To Create Compelling Visualizations In Power BI

I want to show you how you can use filter fields and visual interactions in Power BI to great effect. They create simple and very effective ways to make your visualizations easier and more intuitive for the consumer especially if we need to create groupings of information in our analysis. Filter fields enable you to

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Calculate Financial Year To Date (FYTD) Sales In Power BI Using DAX

Calculate Financial Year To Date FYTD Sales In Power BI using DAX

There will be countless times when you will be required to calculate your sales financial year to date, but only the standard date table is available. One thing that can seem like a limitation of Power BI is its calendar date table. You may initially think that you need a new date table, but you

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Implement Row Level Security In Your Power BI Models

Scale Your Power BI Reporting with Row Level Security

Whenever I think of row level security in Power BI I think scale. Within larger organisations, you often need to develop reporting that goes up the chain, but only certain levels should be able to see certain things. To make sure people see only what they are allowed to see, you can create one model

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Calculating Percent Profit Margins Using DAX In Power BI

Working out your profit margins in Power BI with a basic data set can seem like it requires a few steps. Maybe you think you need to use calculated columns to get the result. Well, you certainly don’t need to do that. There is a much simpler way. Using measures, you can start with simple

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