Calculate A Reverse Cumulative Total In Power BI Using DAX

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In this example, I will show you how you can create a reverse cumulative total inside of Power BI using DAX.

This question came up recently on the Enterprise DNA Support Forum.

Reverse Cumulative Sum Support Forum

You can view this forum post here Reverse Cumulative Sum

A member had a unique requirement where they needed a cumulative total from December all the way to January.

They also wanted to make it dynamic. So whenever they wanted to change the year filter on the page the reverse cumulative total would adjust for just that particular context in the report.

After working through a solution, ultimately the answer was quite simple.

It was a simple variation on the very common cumulative total formula combination that you can utilise and re-use quite effectively inside of Power BI.

Cumulative Total Pattern Power BI

All it required is a small adjustment to the row context filtering which occurs within the FILTER function of the formula pattern.

See below….

Reverse Cumulative Total Power BI DAX Pattern

This is a really good revision of how the CALCULATE function operates when used in combination with the FILTER function. When you use these two DAX formulas together you can generate quite interesting and unique insights into your data.

Reverse Cumulative Total

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Enjoy working through this one. It is quite a unique example but one that I’ve seen requested a few times now.

Hopefully, you can get a good understanding of how this particular calculation operates inside Power BI.


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