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Create A New Table In Power BI: How To Implement Budgets & Forecasts Automatically Using DAX

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how you can create a new table in Power BI that is purely based on historical information and complete it in an automatic way. When you create budgets and forecasts sometimes you may have to go through a very comprehensive process. I’m going to showcase a

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Using Dynamic Visuals On Ranking Based Parameters In Power BI

Through this example I’m going to show you how you can dynamically adjust the size of your visual. And in this case, we’re going to do it via the result ranking in Power BI. We’re going to create dynamic visuals containing our top 10 customers for specific products. This is a really powerful technique that

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The DATEADD Function: The Best And Most Versatile Time Intelligence Function in Power BI

If you need a Power BI time intelligence function that you can use to generate time comparisons over a range of different time frames, then the DATEADD function is the one you’re looking for. This, by far, is my go-to time intelligence function in DAX at the moment. After going through this post and the

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How To Work With Multiple Dates In Power BI

As soon as you start developing a few Power BI models, you’ll very likely run into a problem where you have two dates in your fact table and you can’t place two relationships between your date table and the other table. You might even have multiple dates, like entered date, ordered date, invoiced date, shipped

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Quick Measures – How To Use Them in Power BI Models

Power BI Video Tutorial Quick Measures Enterprise DNA Blog

Quick measures in Power BI is a fantastic feature that can increase the speed of development immensely. Here, I review how you can start using them and I look at the many considerations of actually implementing them. Reminder About Quick Measures in Power BI Before we dive into some examples, let me just give you

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