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Power BI Progress Tracker For Sales And Order Data

This tutorial will show how to create a Power BI progress tracker for sales and order data. You’ll learn how to solve a scenario where you have more than one date in your Fact table. This is the Sales table that will be used in this tutorial. You can see that it has two date

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Power BI Sample Dashboard Using Logistics Data

This tutorial will present a Power BI sample dashboard that contains transport, shipping, and logistics data. The example that will be used in this tutorial is real-world logistics data from an Enterprise DNA member. You can see 4 different analysis segments with pictures. Introducing The Power BI Sample Logistics Dashboard This sample dashboard shows a

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Currency Rates Table – Accounting For Missing Data With DAX

Accounting For Missing Data In Currency Table with PowerQuery in Power BI and DAX

I’m going to show you how to deal with a currency rates table where some days are not accounted for. These days could be weekends or holidays. This may not be a problem sometimes, especially if the business you’re preparing a report for does not open on weekends and holidays. But if they do, you

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Getting Started With DAX In Power BI

Getting Started with DAX

The DAX (Data Analysis Expression) formula language is one of the key pillars in Power BI. Learning DAX might be overwhelming at first. But once you understand how it works, you can level up your analytical insights. The key to getting great insights in your reports is through the use of DAX calculations. For this

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Building Data Dimensions In Power BI

Build Other Data Dimensions in Power BI

In today’s blog post, I want to discuss how you can build additional data dimensions in Power BI. These dimensions can help you filter your data in different ways. On top of that, these dimensions can help you come up with intuitive visualizations later on. This is also the reason why you need to set

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