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Building Your Data Model Relationships In Power BI

Building Your Data Model Relationships

In today’s tutorial, I want to highlight how important it is to build your data model relationships correctly. Data modelling is one of the foundations of your Power BI report so it’s necessary to set it up correctly. Previously, I discussed some techniques that can help you manage your model right. One of them is

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What Are The Different Data Table Types In Power BI?

What Are The Different Data Table Types

In today’s blog, I want to teach you all about data table types. It’s important to understand how the tables work so you can build your data model effectively. A data table contains columns and rows of information used to achieve easier visual representation. There are two types of tables within a data model: the

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Prove Your Power BI Skills Through The Enterprise DNA Certification

If you know the real value of your advanced Power BI skills and knowledge, then you’ll also know how valuable an Enterprise DNA Certification is. Power BI can be used across different fields and industries. This alone tells you that mastering the ins and outs of every Power BI tool can make a huge impact

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Creating Values For Each Date Using Power Query Formula

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create values for each day using Power Query formula in Power BI. Creating values for dates is an important technique to learn in Power BI. It can give you the data you want to see throughout the days in your model. This technique also covers the gaps between

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Power BI Dynamic Visuals Using SWITCH TRUE Logic – Visualization Technique

One of the most common concerns I see in the Enterprise DNA Support Forum relates to creating dynamic visuals. In this blog, I’ll focus my discussion on multi-measure Power BI dynamic visuals. I have a tutorial about this topic, which I’d like to highlight in this article.  The tutorial will show you how to work and present your results in a dynamic way and how you can change

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