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SharePoint offers different types of pages to users. It’s essential to know how and when you might need to use a particular page type. In this blog, we’ll discuss the Wiki page in SharePoint and how we can create one. Similar to Wikipedia, a wiki is designed for a group of users to quickly store, organize, and share various information. Users can add new pages, edit existing ones, and remove the older ones that have become outdated.

Essentially, Wiki Page is a flexible type of page that we can collaboratively create on SharePoint. We can create contents on this page by using textboxes, app parts, web parts, buttons, and images. 

Creating A Wiki Page In SharePoint

To create a Wiki page, just go to the Pages, click the New button, and select Wiki Page.

wiki page in sharepoint

After that, it’ll ask us to name the page. For this example, we’ll name it “Expense Page”. Then, click the Create button to create this page.

wiki page in sharepoint

It will then redirect us to the page where we can customize our Wiki page. There are different ribbons available on the upper right corner of this page. The PAGE ribbon is where we can save a page, rename, delete, and many more. 

wiki page in sharepoint

The PUBLISH ribbon is for publishing our page.

wiki page in sharepoint

We also have the FORMAT TEXT ribbon where we can format our text contents like changing their fonts, text sizes, colors, and many more. 

wiki page in sharepoint

Lastly, under the INSERT ribbon is where we can insert images, app parts, web parts, embed code, etc.

wiki page in sharepoint

Let’s create a sample Wiki page by adding a text content here. For example, we’ll type “Hello, my name is Henry!”.

wiki page in sharepoint

To save and publish this page, just click the Save and Publish option.

A page will be created and it will look like this.

Visiting A Wiki Page

In case you are within the Home page and you want to visit the Wiki page you’ve created, just go to the Pages and look for the page that you’ve created. For this example, we’ve created the Expense Page.

Because the Wiki has been created with SharePoint, you can use SharePoint web parts to create rich pages including video, images, file viewers, Lists, and many more.

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To sum up, we’re able to create a new Wiki page, add simple text content, and save and publish it. A Wiki page in SharePoint is typically used to easily access information and share it with your team.  It would help ensure your team is always on the same page.

While wiki pages are flexible and very customizable, they lack metadata that’s automatically available in them. Once we add content to the page, the metadata doesn’t automatically follow. Hopefully, you’re able to understand how and when you can use Wiki Pages.

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