Is ChatGPT Plus Worth It? Let’s Find Out

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool has taken the world by storm and has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the way we generate content, do research, and even create code. And just when we thought things couldn’t get any better with ChatGPT, OpenAI has released a premium version of the tool that they’re calling ChatGPT Plus.

ChatGPT Plus is a subscription-based plan from OpenAI that promises to enhance users’ experience. For $20 a month, ChatGPT Plus offers the GPT-4 model, increased processing speeds, quicker response times, and priority access to new features. Like the sound of this? Then ChatGPT is worth it. There is more to this story; read on below.

Is ChatGPT Worth It

But, is ChatGPT Plus really better than the free version? This article will explore what ChatGPT Plus has to offer and help you make an informed decision on its value to you based on its potential benefits and drawbacks.

What is ChatGPT Plus?

Home page for ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus is a premium subscription plan offered by OpenAI for its Chat GPT users. It has a subscription fee of $20/month and benefits include:

  • Priority access to ChatGPT during peak times.

  • Faster response times.

  • Priority access to new features and improvements.

This plan is available to customers around the world.

What is ChatGPT (basic version)?

Mobile interface for ChatGPT

Now, before you decide on subscribing to the ChatGPT Plus service, you need to understand what its most immediate alternative, the basic version of the ChatGPT service, has to offer and how it can be used.

ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI and uses artificial intelligence to engage in conversation with users. As a user, you can ask ChatGPT questions, seek information, have discussions, or even get creative suggestions and build code.

ChatGPT can be used for customer support, content generation, language learning, virtual assistant tasks, interactive experiences, informal retrievals, and more.

Now that you have a basic idea of what ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus are, figure out your needs and weigh them against the difference in features offered by both services.

To help, we’ve compiled some of the key features of ChatGPT Plus and how they stack up against the free ChatGPT version.

1. ChatGPT Plus Feature: Access to GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 Models

GPT-4 model for ChatGPT

ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus users have access to the newly released GPT-4 model. This is an upgraded version of the default model GPT-3.5 and offers:

  • More accurate responses

  • Better context understanding

  • More coherent and creative content

  • Better problem-solving abilities

  • Better programming capabilities

  • Reduced bias and offensive responses

  • Ability to analyze graphics and images

  • Increased user experience


This free version currently only offers the GPT-3.5 model but is expected to offer the GPT-4 model in the future.

2. ChatGPT Plus Feature: Faster Response Times

Image signifying speed

ChatGPT Plus

In addition to more accurate responses, one of the main benefits of ChatGPT Plus is faster response times. This premium version ensures that the AI chatbot provides a quicker and more efficient service, enabling users to get the most out of their interactions with the chatbot. 

The improved speed helps facilitate a smoother conversational experience and allows premium users to receive immediate assistance across various applications and platforms if and when it is needed.


Regular ChatGPT, on average, has a response time of around 15 to 20 seconds and can be as much as 60 seconds during peak times.

As one of the most popular AI tools, this basic version is used by millions of people around the world. During particularly busy periods, the large number of users accessing ChatGPT at one time can put a strain on its servers and slow down its response times.

3. ChatGPT Plus Feature: Availability During Peak Times

Striking lights

ChatGPT Plus

In addition to faster responses, ChatGPT Plus users can also expect higher availability of the AI chatbot during peak hours. 

This increased access ensures subscribers can rely on the service when they need it most, without having to worry about potential downtimes or lagging during high-traffic periods.


Due to the popularity of this free version, it’s common for millions of people to use the service at one time. This is particularly true in peak hours.

It’s not uncommon for some users to get the dreaded error message ‘ChatGPT is at capacity right now’ during these times. Depending on your needs, this can be greatly inconvenient and affect your ability to have a continuous workflow, especially if you require ChatGPT service during peak times.

4. ChatGPT Plus Feature: Pricing

ChatGPT Subscription Plan Pop-Up

ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus is a paid version of ChatGPT. This premium version is a subscription plan priced at $20 per month.

The ChatGPT Plus subscription plan is aimed at providing a better user experience compared to the free version of the service. The monthly cost ensures that subscribers can use ChatGPT without restrictions and have early access to the latest features and updates.

ChatGPT Plus is available to customers in the United States and around the world, making it a widely accessible option for those who require an enhanced AI chat experience.

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Perhaps the biggest benefit of this basic version in comparison to ChatGPT Plus is that it offers general access to all, at no cost.

5. ChatGPT Plus Feature: Priority Access to New Features

Robot hand

Chat GPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus subscribers are granted  early access to new features and improvements before they become available to free users. This means that as a ChatGPT Plus member, you’ll be among the first to try out any advancements introduced by OpenAI.

Most recently, OpenAI released plugins for ChatGPT and made them available to Plus users.


As a user of the free version, you may not get priority access to the platform and to new features. 

Is ChatGPT Plus Good for Coding?

ChatGPT code output

Yes. Most coders would agree that ChatGPT Plus offers an enhanced experience when developing code.

There are two main improvements introduced with this premium version that coders point to that make ChatGPT Plus a better option:

Benefits of ChatGPT Plus for Coding

  1. Faster response times: As mentioned earlier, ChatGPT Plus offers faster response times in comparison to the free access ChatGPT. This is especially true when using the GPT-3.5 version as a ChatGPT Plus member. This allows you to write code much faster with consistent access.

  2. Better quality responses from GPT-4: Having access to GPT-4 is also a huge benefit for coders. GPT-4 can generate more complex code, understand the prompts more accurately, and generate more relevant responses than the free version. 

ChatGPT code output

Drawbacks of ChatGPT Plus for Coding

While GPT-4 is an upgraded tool for coding, it can be as slow as the free version of GPT-3.5. GPT-4 also currently has a limit of 25 messages per 3 hours. This may present a problem if you need to develop multiple lines of complex code throughout the day.

What some coders have resorted to doing is using the paid version of GPT-3.5 for most coding functions and only using GPT-4 for especially complex coding needs.

Is ChatGPT Plus Great for Creating Content?

ChatGPT generated sonnet

One of ChatGPT’s most common uses is creating content. Because of this, users are curious to know if ChatGPT Plus can generate high-quality content or give more high-quality responses compared to the free ChatGPT version.

Benefits of ChatGPT Plus for Creating Content

In some ways, ChatGPT Plus, and especially GPT-4, does offer advanced content creation features and benefits. GPT-4 is more advanced in understanding context and tone and is more creative with its output. 

GPT-4 content uses a lot more natural language and requires less polishing and editing. This is a great time-saver for content creators.

The faster processing time when using GPT-3.5 is also a huge plus for content creators with heavy workloads and creators who need to generate content during peak hours.

ChatGPT generated letter

Drawbacks of ChatGPT Plus for Creating Content

As beneficial as ChatGPT Plus is for content creators, it does have some clear drawbacks.

Firstly, you have to remember that GPT-4 currently has the 25 queries every 3 hours limit. So if you need numerous nuanced pieces of content, you might need to use a mixture of both GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 and do the extra work of bringing the GPT-3.5 content up to scratch.

Secondly, let’s talk about the word limit. This is one of the most popular questions asked by content creators; does ChatGPT Plus have a higher word limit?

Now, there’s no official word limit for ChatGPT, but there’s an unofficial limit of around 500 words or 4,000 characters. Unfortunately, this limit is also in effect for ChatGPT Plus, so there is no added advantage for ChatGPT Plus members.

How Does ChatGPT Plus Compare to Other AI Chatbots?

Though ChatGPT may have the most brand recognition in the game, there are other notable AI chatbots you may want to compare to ChatGPT Plus before choosing to invest in its $20 monthly fee.

Here are some of the most notable competitors.

1. ChatGPT Plus vs. Google Bard

Google Bard mobile interface

Bard is Google’s reply to OpenAI’s Chat GPT. This AI service is powered by Google’s large language model (LLM) PaLM 2 and has many of the same functions as ChatGPT Plus.

So how do they compare?

Where Google Bard Beats ChatGPT Plus

  • Google Bard is free while Chat GPT Plus costs $20 per month

  • Google Bard is much better at giving human-like responses with natural language than its ChatGPT Plus counterpart.

  • Google Bard gets its responses in real-time from the internet while ChatGPT-4 uses a dataset that only goes up to 2021.

  • Users say that the Google Bard interface is a lot more user-friendly and gives a more seamless user experience than the ChatGPT Plus interface.

Google Bard workspace

Where ChatGPT Plus Beats Google Bard

  • ChatGPT Plus is iPhone compatible while Google Bard is not.

  • ChatGPT Plus offers online support while Google Bard does not.

2. ChatGPT Plus vs. Jasper

Jasper homepage

If you’re a content creator, you’ve probably heard of Jasper. Jasper is a highly rated AI writing tool that specializes in generating social media captions, blog posts, bios, and other marketing copies.

So how does Jasper stack up to ChatGPT Plus?

Where Jasper Beats ChatGPT Plus

  • Jasper offers a free trial while ChatGPT Plus does not.

  • Jasper offers 24/7 live support and online support while ChatGPT Plus online offers online support.

Jasper sign up pop-up

Where ChatGPT Plus Beats Jasper

  • It’s cheaper. ChatGPT Plus charges $20 per month in subscription fees while Jasper costs $49 per month.

  • ChatGPT Plus has a free version (ChatGPT) that can generate high quality responses. Jasper doesn’t have any type of free access.

  • ChatGPT Plus is iPhone-compatible. Jasper isn’t mobile-compatible.

3. ChatGPT Plus vs. ChatSonic

ChatSonic homepage

Last but certainly not least is ChatSonic AI. This chatbot platform from Writesonic is used by individuals and companies to generate text and images. The platform uses a natural language processing (NLP) system and was designed to be better and more natural than Chat GPT.

So how do the two platforms stack up against each other?

Where ChatSonic Beats ChatGPT Plus

  • Its output is more natural and conversational than Chat GPT Plus.

  • ChatSonic has a voice command feature.

  • ChatSonic can create images. ChatGPT only gives an output of text and code.

  • If you enable the “include the latest Google data” feature, ChatSonic will use all the latest information to produce your output. ChatGPT Plus relies on information from up to 2021. 

  • More accessible. It can be used on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and the web. ChatGPT Plus only offers the service on iPhones and the web.

  • It’s cheaper. ChatSonic costs $12.67 per month while ChatGPT costs $20 per month.

ChatSonic workspace

Where ChatGPT Plus Beats ChatSonic

  • ChatGPT Plus has a free version (ChatGPT). ChatSonic doesn’t have a free version.

  • ChatGPT has loads of integrations available while ChatSonic does not.

Make sure you properly research each competitor and test them out if possible before deciding on the best option for you.

How to Sign Up for ChatGPT Plus

If you would like to join ChatGPT Plus, here are some simple steps to guide you through the process.

1. Sign into or create your OpenAI account

ChatGPT login page

You can do this on the ChatGPT login page. You‘ll have the option to log in using an email address, a Google account, or a Microsoft account.

2. Click the ‘Upgrade to Plus’ button

ChatGPT workspace

Once you’ve logged into your account, look to the bottom-left corner of your screen. You should see an ‘Upgrade to Plus’ button. Click on it.

3. Click the ‘Upgrade plan’ button in the pop-up

ChatGPT plan pop-up

Once you click the ‘Upgrade to Plus’ option, a pop-up should appear. This pop-up will list the three top differences between ChatGPT’s free plan and the ChatGPT Plus plan.

Under ChatGPT Plus, click on the ‘Upgrade Plan’ button.

4. Complete your purchase

ChatGPT purchase page

After clicking on the ‘Upgrade plan’ button, you’ll be taken to a checkout page. You’ll need to input your payment information and then click the ‘Subscribe’ button. Currently, the only payment option available is a debit or credit card.

Keep in mind that your card will automatically be charged $20 each month until you cancel your subscription.

Is ChatGPT Plus Worth It?

ChatGPT mobile interface and ChatGPT Plus homepage

Whether or not ChatGPT Plus is worth its subscription fee will depend entirely on what you need it for. So let’s go over some facts in this section. 

1. When is ChatGPT Plus Not Worth It?

ChatGPT mobile interface

Because the standard version of ChatGPT is such a robust and useful AI tool, you may not always need the premium version. So when might the ChatGPT Plus not be worth it?

  1. If you’re only using Chat GPT periodically or out of curiosity.

  2. If you use the AI tool for basic information or simple tasks that are not time-sensitive.

  3. If you work during the sleeping hours in the US or Europe. These are the times the basic version of ChatGPT is least likely to have a huge number of users who may cause availability and/or response speed issues.

  4. Regular content-generating users who don’t need responses to be incredibly nuanced or complex.

  5. If you can’t afford $20 per month.

2. When is ChatGPT Plus Worth It?

AI brain

OpenAI continues to revolutionize the chat AI space, and they definitely did it again with their new ChatGPT Plus offering. Here are some scenarios where a ChatGPT Plus subscription would definitely come in handy: 

  1. If you use ChatGPT for your work or otherwise use it consistently, it may be worth investing in the ChatGPT Plus service. 

  2. If you use ChatGPT during peak times and need to maintain consistent access and output speeds for the tool.

  3. If you have a heavy workload, the premium version’s faster response speeds may be a useful time-saver.

  4. If you need more complex and more nuanced responses, using GPT-4, which is currently exclusive to ChatGPT Plus users, might be a great benefit to you.

ChatGPT icon

As you make your final decision, Keep in mind that while ChatGPT Plus offers uses early access to features like GPT-4, it’s expected that these additional features may eventually be made available to the free version as well. 

So if you are patient, you may find that you can eventually benefit from all the features of ChatGPT Plus at no extra cost as a user of the free version.

Final Thoughts

Alright, let’s wrap this up. We’ve been chatting about ChatGPT Plus, and it’s pretty clear that this AI is a serious game-changer. It’s smarter, it’s sharper, and it’s got a way with words that makes its older sibling, ChatGPT, look like it’s still learning the alphabet.

Now, don’t get us wrong. ChatGPT Plus isn’t perfect. It’s still got a few quirks. It can get tripped up by sarcasm, and it might not always get your jokes. But hey, nobody’s perfect. The important thing is that it’s making strides in the right direction.

So, is a ChatGPT Plus subscription worth it? Undeniable. It’s like comparing a flip phone to a smartphone. They both do the job, but one’s got a few more tricks up its sleeve. But it’s not just about being better. It’s about what this means for the future. It’s about the doors this opens up, the possibilities it brings, and the way it’s changing how we interact with technology.

In the end, ChatGPT Plus is a glimpse into the future of AI. It’s a sign of what’s to come, the future looks pretty exciting. We can’t wait to see what ChatGPT Plus will do next!

To learn more about integrations with ChatGPT, check out the video below:

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