How To Calculate A Cumulative Run Rate In Power BI Using DAX

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With this tutorial, I want to showcase how you can calculate a cumulative run rate into the future based on some historical results.

Average Cumulative Run Rate Power BI

This was a requirement from the Enterprise DNA Support Forum where a member needed a forecast projection out into the future. Enabling them to compare current results to an average run rate over a certain period of time.

Profit Run Rate Enterprise DNA Forum

You can view the full forum post here – Projecting current profit run rate

In this tutorial, we cover some unique ideas. First, how to calculate the average run rate and secondly, project this continuously forward so that we can then run the daily comparison versus the actual results as they happen.

Average Daily Run Rate

We are attempting here to visually make the underlying trend more prevalent than we would ordinarily have if just reviewing daily results with no forecast to compare it to.

The best way to ultimately compare trends is with cumulative totals.

Cumulative Run Rate DAX Pattern

The cumulative total DAX formula pattern that we cover in this video is a little different to the one you may have used in the past.

This is because there’s a different requirement here around how we ultimately calculate the cumulative total for the average daily run rate.

Cumulative Run Rate Calculation

These are such unique tips and concepts which I think you’ll find really valuable.

If you can understand the many concepts covered throughout this tutorial you’re in a very good place as there are so many different ways that you can apply logic like this.

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Enjoy working through this tutorial.


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