Create Dynamic Cumulative Totals Using DAX In Power BI

Create Dynamic Cumulative Totals Using DAX In Power BI


In this tutorial, we’re going to do a deep dive into the cumulative total formula combination that can be used in Power BI.

Cumulative totals are a great way of showing trends over time and then also showcasing differences in trends between different timeframes.

There is a common combination of DAX functions to use that enables you to create a dynamic cumulative total on any report page.

When I say dynamic what I mean by this, is you can select any timeframe inside of your report page and the cumulative totals will automatically update to just be a cumulative calculation over that date range.

What’s important here is a good understanding of CALCULATE and also the current context of a report page.

We need to use a function called ALLSELECTED which only looks over the particular context in a page or whatever is filtered inside of a report page.

I look to show you some variations of cumulative total logic. Also, how you can re-use the same formula combination and just sub in different core measures or core calculations into it that enables you to generate many different cumulative totals over different calculations very quickly.

This is a really good review of the cumulative total technique inside of Power BI.

I’m confident that after viewing this tutorial, you’ll be able to implement this very easily over and over again inside of your own work.

For more DAX formula combination techniques check out the Solving Analytical Scenarios module at Enterprise DNA Online.

This particular course module covers in-depth all the main patterns of formula you can use to solve for various analysis and insights that you may what to showcase in your reports.

Enjoy working through this detailed video.



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