Managing Seasonality in Budgeting Analysis – Advanced Power BI

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Completing budgeting analysis in Power BI is unfortunately just not that easy. What I’m going to go through today is possibly the most advanced technique that you can get to with budgeting as we need to incorporate some seasonality into our budgeting numbers.

I detail this quite extensively in the video tutorial, so there’s lots to learn there, but really, the concept that we’re trying to solve is that budgets are never uniformly allocated in a straight line fashion throughout a year.

Say you had some yearly budgets and you needed to build a budget allocation (which I have covered in previous tutorials). Well, you can’t really allocate that budget, in a lot of cases, just evenly for every single day because some months will have higher sales over summer or holiday periods (for example), or during promotions you may run.

There’s certainly going to be some sort of seasonality impact on most datasets.

During this video I walk through an example of how you can manage this seasonality in results. Now, if you already know how to create a budget allocation, then we’re just layering on an additional piece of logic here. We need to input a seasonality measure or some seasonality logic that enables us to not only allocate by day but also by month.

We need to, first of all, allocate at the month level and then within the month we allocate across every single day.

So, lots to learn and plenty of advanced techniques around Power BI that you could use in a number of different ways. Take the time to watch the video and try to replicate some of these techniques in your own development.

I cover many variations of budgeting techniques in my Solving Analytical Scenario course at Enterprise DNA Online.

Also, recently as part of the Enterprise DNA Webinar Series I ran a deep dive into some advanced budgeting techniques that was well received by over 400 people or so. If you want to learn all about implementing budgeting then this workshop is well worth reviewing.

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