Enterprise DNA Video Tutorial on How to Compare Results to Yearly Budget in Power BI using DAX

Compare Performance vs Forecasts Cumulatively w/DAX

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Showcasing results cumulatively is, in my opinion, the best way to showcase trends in your data. When comparing data versus budget or forecasts, showing the trends or divergence in trend is essential.

You want to make sure you can identify when your performance is breaking down as soon as possible and by viewing this cumulatively you can do that very effectively.

For example, say you are tracking well versus budget, but then competition in your market heats up through price discounting. If this was to happen, you would very quickly see your actual line dip below your forecasts and maybe even continue to tail off. Perhaps you would want to decrease your prices too, or increase marketing initiatives. Think of all the great insight plus actions that can be derived from analysis of this quality.

In this video I also showcase how you can extend your analysis via ‘measure branching‘. Maybe you want to track the exact difference to budget. Maybe you want to see the cumulative difference and see at any point in time what percentage you are trailing your year to date numbers. All great stuff.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, budgeting analysis is not the easiest to complete in Power BI. If you can implement it well though, you are likely smashing Power BI out of the park. If you want to learn a lot more about Budgeting Analysis and how to solve many other analytical scenarios, check out some of my courses at Enterprise DNA Online. As you know I’m huge on practical application of Power BI, so that’s how I’ve structured all my courses.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Good luck with this one; it’s a great way to visualize this type of analysis.

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