How To Calculate Actual Results To Budgets Per Product - Power BI & DAX

How To Calculate Actual Results To Budgets Per Product – Power BI & DAX

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In this advanced video tutorial which is a breakout of a budgeting workshop that was part of the Enterprise DNA webinar series, I am going to run through how you can utilize some advanced functions inside of Power BI like CALCULATE, ALLSELECTED and SUMMARIZE.

By using all the functions in combination we are able to analyze our actual results to our budgets per product.

It’s actually not that easy. This is why you have to understand some of these more advance functions.

To be able to analyze these results in Power BI you need to combine quite a few techniques, some easier than others. As I say, it does get quite advanced in this tutorial.

I suggest you think about how this will all fit together because if you can get your mind around how these formulas work with each other in a dynamic way, then there are so many different types of analysis that you can complete inside of Power BI.

It’s really powerful stuff. I highly recommend thoroughly diving into the content within this single tutorial. If you have the time, I suggest you also check the recent webinar session – advanced budgeting workshop where I showcased many more great budgeting techniques.

There are many more workshop events to review at Enterprise DNA Online. Certainly check these out. In many of these sessions unique Power BI and DAX concepts are covered in depth. Plenty to learn from these.

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