Power BI and DAX Video Tutorial Tracking and Visualising Trends Analysis

Tracking & Showcasing Trends In Power BI using DAX

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Showing trends and how they change over time can add a lot of value to your consumers and decision makers. In this example I show you how you can use the conditional formatting inside Power BI tables to showcase this type of insight really well.

Obviously to show growth trends we actually need to calculate growth rates. This is also a great use of the DAX formula language. I show you how you can use a combination of formulas, include time intelligence calculations, to come up with the correct results.

There’s a little bit to the DAX side of it, so if you’re just starting out with formulas inside of Power BI check out Mastering DAX Calculations at Enterprise DNA Online. This course covers all the ‘need to knows’ around DAX. Using DAX effectively is extremely important in Power BI. Any quality analytical insight inside of Power BI can really only be found by implementing DAX well and in combination with a data model which is built correctly, with the right relationships etc.

The tables inside Power BI are fantastic. They are so much more than just a static table of information. Firstly, they’re dynamic, so they’ll show your results based on the filters that are applied to your reports. They also have some good conditional formatting options (which I show you in the video tutorial), but they can also be used as a filter inside your report. So many options and opportunities to use these effectively to showcase great insights.

I always like to use tables to show granular levels of detail. You might have your bar or column chart aggregate information up, but then you may also want to see every single sale or transaction and examine the details of that. Tables are perfect for this.

This example does actually show the matrix visual, but tables are very similar, and all similar techniques can be applied across both from a visualization perspective.

There are plenty of tips and trick explained in these videos. Good luck implementing them all.

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