Showcasing Deviations & Trends With Power BI Using DAX

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Recently during an Enterprise DNA webinar series session, I dived into how you can showcase deviations in your data in a compelling way.

It’s all about setting up compelling visualizations and making sure that we have our results calculated correctly.

This is what this video tutorial is all about. I want to showcase how you can bring these elements together and then overlay additional DAX formulas to showcase trends in these deviations.

These are some really powerful insights that have been historically very difficult to complete and showcase in combination.

You can use all the filters and slicers available to us within Power BI to be able to slice and dice this deviation visualization in an efficient way.

I’m also going to look to highlight these specific deviations and what is causing the changes in our data.

All together this is some really high quality analysis that can be easily replicated in your own models.

Good luck with this!


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