Analyze & Showcase Quarter On Quarter Sales Trends In Power BI


In this tutorial we’re going to cover how to calculate quarter on quarter sales differences.

We’re not just going to do it at a granular level, like at a daily level. We are going to try and analyze trends around quarter on quarter sales.

Usually when I suggest trends around our results, what I mean is we want to smooth the results we are seeing.

Sometimes when you are looking at something at a very granular level, your visualizations as a whole will become very busy.

If you can smooth the results that you’re looking at, it enables you to produce is a much more compelling visualization which showcases something a little bit more meaningful than a busy chart which shows every adjustment or change in your result through time.

It’s a two-fold example that I will run through here. Not only are we going to run through how to visualize time calculations around different time periods, one quarter versus another quarter. We’ll also analyze the difference. 

A lot to go over in this tutorial, a lot of functions but also visualizations.

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Time Intelligence Calculations

Enjoy diving into this tutorial.


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3 comments on “Analyze & Showcase Quarter On Quarter Sales Trends In Power BI”

  1. Hi Sam,
    This is a great tutorial, but are you aware of any workaround to create a QoQ metric based on a fiscal quarter?
    Thanks in advance!

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