Using Moving Averages To Showcase Trends in Power BI

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In this video, I want to dive into trend analysis. Specifically, how you can showcase trends in Power BI really effectively.

The concepts that I run through here are techniques you might have already touched on yourself in the past.

But I wanted to break this tutorial out to showcase how important it is from a visualization perspective to showcase trends in a compelling and effective way.

We are going to dive into how you can create moving averages very quickly around results that you may have already created.

Maybe it’s simple calculations you already have, like your sales, cost, or purchases.

By overlaying a moving average formula combination and utilizing functions like AVERAGEX we can quickly turn a very granular result into an average result.

Once we apply this in our reports, we are going to be able to identify trends which are sometimes far more important to understand well than very detailed and granular information.

We are going to be able to identify trends very quickly using this technique.

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