What Is Apple GPT? Everything We Know So Far!

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The generative AI space is arguably the most exciting tech arena right now and is exploding with exciting technological innovations.

Up until now, players like OpenAI with ChatGPT, Google with Bard, and Microsoft with Bing, have been leading the AI chatbot race.

But another tech giant is about to step on the scene and might join the race ahead of them all.

Introducing: Apple GPT.

Apple GPT is set to become the newest robust AI chatbot, powered by Apple’s very own framework, Ajax. Apple has not yet released all the details on its exciting project, but from what we know, it will rival even the biggest AI chatbots, like ChatGPT, and might be released as soon as 2024.

Apple may have been relatively silent in the chatbot space, but it has definitely not been complacent. Behind the scenes, the tech giant has been hard at work developing a new and exciting AI chatbot that they hope will revolutionize the AI chatbot space.

This article will tell you everything we know so far about this groundbreaking platform, and what you can expect in the near future.

So, what is Apple GPT?

What is Apple GPT?

What is Apple GPT

Apple has been tightlipped about details concerning its Apple GPT project, but what we do know is that it is meant to be Apple’s response to the AI chatbots created by its biggest tech giant competitors and is almost entirely being developed ‘in-house.’

Powering this revolutionary GPT is Apple’s AJAX framework, which is itself a new and exciting development.

Here is what we know about the framework and what it can do.

Apple’s Ajax Framework

Apple's AJAX framework for machine learning

Apple’s secret weapon for ensuring Apple GPT dominates is its AJAX framework. The framework was reportedly built by the Apple team last year, and it will allow Apple to create large language models (LLMs) and AI chatbots like ChatGPT.

Developed using Google’s JAX and running on Google Cloud, this new framework will elevate machine learning and machine learning research.

How exactly AJAX will be used for consumer products, like an AI chatbot, is not yet clear, but the expectation is that the framework will be used for a new AI chatbot and to enhance some of their existing projects.

How Good is Apple GPT?

How Apple GPT compares to ChatGPT

Apple GPT is still in development and is not yet available to the public so it’s hard to gauge its effectiveness against its competitors.

We do know that the chatbot is currently being used by a select few within Apple with special clearance. And some of the employees who have used the chatbot have remarked that it does not offer anything significantly different from ChatGPT, Bard, or other generative AI tools.

However, it should be noted that its output is not currently being used to develop new consumer product features and is instead reportedly being used mostly for product prototyping.

But as we know, Apple is never in a rush to release a new product until it is sure it provides an elevated experience, so we can assume that when Apple GPT is finally released, it’ll be a strong competitor to the big AI chatbots and have a unique edge.

When Will Apple GPT Be Released?

Apple users waiting in line to get Apple GPT

That’s the million-dollar, and potentially, billion-dollar question. The truth is nobody knows for sure.

However, there are 3 theories on when we might get an Apple GPT release.

1. Theory 1: 2024

According to sources, Apple is intending on making a “significant AI-related announcement” in 2024 which many are hoping will be about Apple GPT and the giant’s intention on offering the platform for consumer use.

2. Theory 2: Not Too Soon

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, has on multiple occasions expressed the company’s concerns with privacy and security when it comes to generative AI and has intimated that Apple is intent on making sure all concerns are interrogated and addressed before they offer an AI service.

There are also rumors that there have been disagreements in the product’s development that must be ironed out before a launch is even on the table.

For these two reasons, some think that a 2024 Apple GPT release may be unrealistic as Apple works on perfecting the chatbot, and we may have to wait a lot longer before Apple GPT hits the market.

3. Theory 3: Never

Apple GPT could be for in-house use

There is also another possibility: Apple GPT is never going to be released to the public. According to a Bloomberg report, there’s a possibility that the chatbot may be intended for internal use only.

Employees are currently prohibited from using rival AI chatbots due to security concerns and there are rumors that Apple GPT is meant to fill this gap within the company.

A report from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg also stated that the GPT may be used as a tool for the AppleCare support staff to assist in solving customer issues.

If this is true, this would be a huge disappointment for Apple customers and the industry as a whole who are all waiting for an Apple generative AI solution.

For now, it looks like we may have to wait to see what Apple has to say in 2024 and keep our fingers crossed for a 2024 release.

Challenges Facing Apple GPT

Challenges facing Apple GPT

As a late entrant to the AI chatbot space, Apple GPT will have unique challenges. Here are just some of the challenges they will be facing.

1. Competition

As we have mentioned, the AI chatbot space is booming right now and ChatGPT is the current reigning champion. Apple GPT will have to offer something special to get consumers to shift from the AI chatbots that they have already gotten used to using.

This video shows you how far ChatGPT has gone and how it is changing industries worldwide:

2. User Privacy and Security

Apple is known for its dedication to user privacy so the privacy concerns surrounding the existing chatbots are a huge hurdle for Apple to overcome.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is well aware of the privacy risk associated with AI and in an earnings call in May insisted that “it’s very important to be deliberate and thoughtful” in the space and that “there’s a number of issues that need to be sorted” before Apple felt confident to release something like an AI chatbot.

These concerns may cause delays in an Apple GPT release or may result in Apple deciding not to release a GPT to the public at all.

So, is Apple GPT Apple’s Future?

Is apple GPT apple's future

Whether Apple GPT will be Apple’s next big released project is anyone’s guess. But all indications are that AI is definitely going to be an area Apple will continue to explore and integrate into their Apple ecosystem.

Already AI is used in some of Apple’s products, including the famous, and sometimes infamous, Siri, and in some features in its Apple Watch and iPhone.

Furhtermore, Tim Cook has also admitted that AI is ‘huge’ and has shown interest in generative AI, admitting that he has used ChatGPT and finds the chatbot field interesting.

Apple has also been making steps to bring the best in AI into their company with their hiring of John Giannandrea (previously at Google) to head the Apple AI and machine learning teams in 2018.

So could AppleGPT be Apple’s future? It very well could be, and it would be a very welcomed and exciting addition to the generative AI space.

For now, let’s wait and see what Apple has to say in 2024!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Apple GPT Yet?

No. Apple GPT has not been released to the public. It is currently only accessible to a chosen few within Apple with special clearance. Apple has not given a definite answer on what they want to do with the generative AI and if or when they will make it available for consumer use.

Is Apple GPT Free?

Apple GPT has not been released to the public so no one knows if it will be made available for free or if it will be a paid service.

Is Apple GPT Better than ChatGPT?

It is currently impossible to say. What we do know is that Apple has intimated that they would not release an AI before the privacy and security concerns that have plagued other AI chatbots have been addressed. Apple is also known for taking the time to perfect its products before release.

So when Apple GPT does get released, if it gets released, we can expect that it will have better privacy and security and a strong model to rival its biggest competitors like ChatGPT.

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