Power BI Challenge 23: Health & Substance Abuse Analysis

We’ve just finished a successful run of Power BI Challenge 22, which focused on hotel revenue management. The 51 submissions we received from this round were all quite impressive, and showcased different visualization techniques and styles. It just goes to show how Power BI is such a flexible analytics tool if you know your way

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Create A Blank Report Using Power BI Report Builder

Create a Blank Report Using Power BI Report Builder

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how create a blank paginated report and filter datasets using Power BI Report Builder. Paginated reports allow you to create printable reports from a Power BI dataset. They’re created using Report Builder which is free to download and install. Create Paginated Reports In Power BI Open Report Builder. In the

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Effective Data Storytelling: Asking The Right Questions

Effective Data Story Asking the Right Questions - Enterprise DNA

To ensure that we have a good story to tell, effective data storytelling by asking the right questions is the key. In the previous tutorial, we discussed about the questions to ask in details we should pay attention to when starting to create a Power BI project. We now understand the needs, the context, the

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Python User Defined Functions | An Overview

An Overview Python User Defined Functions - Enterprise DNA

In this tutorial, we’re going to discuss how to use Python user defined functions and how to create them. User defined functions can help you break down large programs into small parts to make them easier to debug, maintain, and understand. User defined functions are also great for storing repeated codes in a program. We

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