Enterprise DNA Challenge 19 Wrap Up: Call Centre Data Recording

When it comes to our Power BI Challenges, there’s always something fresh happening, making each round an event to look forward to. For our 19th challenge, for instance, we opened up our own space on LinkedIn where both members and non-members can jump right in and show everyone what they’ve got. Join Enterprise DNA Challenges

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SQL Server Download And Installation

SQL Server Download and Installation

In this blog, we’ll talk about preparing the environment by installing SQL Server (Developer Edition), and SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio). We’ll also have a little practice by downloading and restoring AdventureWorks databases (Practice Databases). SQL Server is system from Microsoft for managing databases. It’s completely free and a full-featured DBMS for developers. After installing

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SharePoint Home Page Overview And Creation

SharePoint Home Page Overview and Creation

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a SharePoint home page. A homepage is the default page that the site loads when you type in a website address. In SharePoint, the homepage is just a compilation of different web parts. In this example, we have a news web part, an activity web part, a

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Power Query: Combine Files from Multiple Folders

Power Query Combine Files from Multiple Folders

For this post, we’ll be doing work in power query, combine files from multiple folders in our network, desktop, OneDrive, or SharePoint. In this example, we have three CSV files in a folder and the data looks like this: We will be using power query in Excel, which works exactly the same as power query

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Power BI Report Refresh Automatically | PBI Service

Power BI Report Refresh Automatically

In this tutorial, our topic is Power BI report refresh automatically. How do we automatically refresh reports in Power BI Service? So, what happens is the data keeps on coming every day, and I want to program my Power BI so that it should automatically fetch and refresh the data from Power BI Service to

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