How To Create Compelling Reports & Dashboards In Power BI

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I decided to create a tutorial based on creating compelling reports and dashboards in Power BI.

This is a general video around some of the ideas and techniques that I use to create reporting applications inside of Power BI.

Power BI dashboard, Enterprise DNA Learning Summit

When completing development work with Power BI I attempt to not create elements in reports in an ad hoc way.

I look at Power BI as a tool to generate compelling applications for reporting scenarios.

What Power BI enables us to do now is to create and automate the entire backbone of a reporting application with the almost seamless ability to overlay that with an important analytics and visualization layer.

Power BI data model, Enterprise DNA learning summit

If you can utilize DAX formulas and also visualization techniques well, you are able to create compelling work that can engage consumers very effectively.

To create a reporting application that your team or organization can be engaged with does require getting right a number of different tips and techniques.

This is really the core of what I want to cover within this tutorial.

This is a break out session from a recent Enterprise DNA Learning Summit event. You can learn more about these events at the link above.

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit, Dashboarding Tips

Enjoy working through the report pages that are showcased in this particular report. If you want to actually have a play around with it, you can at the Enterprise DNA Showcase.

For other best practise tips and ideas for Power BI, check out Enterprise DNA Online for the course module below.

Best Practices & Feature Reviews

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Enjoy working through this one.


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