Discover What Was The Initial Product A Customer Purchased Using DAX

Discover What Was The Initial Product A Customer Purchased Using DAX

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I have another really unique insight to showcase to you in Power BI today. This is unique not only in the actual insight but in terms of how we can return a text value inside a Power BI table. The function that enables us to do this is SelectedValue. This particular function is really powerful if you’re looking to just return one text result. It can be used in a number of different ways; however, this is a very unique way.
By analyzing a trend in terms of the first product that customers are purchasing, we can: (1) change our marketing efforts; (2) allocate appropriate resources to our advertising; and (3) utilize this knowledge to get more customers on board.
We can do this because this function allows us to determine which products are more popular in the initial purchase than others. Following from this, we can work out what the second and third most popular purchases are, and see the common denominator in those particular results as well. Hopefully, you can see that this is really powerful stuff and you can do it in a relatively efficient way using Power BI. This is what makes Power BI so great! So, good luck understanding and implementing this one in your models; I think you’ll find meaning in other uses than just this one I showcase today. Sam


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