Change Your Visuals Size By Ranking Logic in Power BI using DAX

Have you ever wanted to create a visualization which changes based on any ranking selection you could make? In this video, I show you exactly how to do it. Think of a scenario where you want to showcase your top 20 clients. Pretend you’re in a meeting saying, ‚ÄúThese are the clients that are contributing

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Detailed Ranking Example Using DAX in Power BI

Power BI is an amazing analytical engine! Today I’m going to show you how you can find your top customers – not just as static numbers, but through time and through any time period you could want. This is the power of DAX combined with the data model at its best. In this example I

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Make Your Visuals Dynamic Based On Rankings In Power BI

Through this example I’m going to show you how you can dynamically adjust the size of your visual. And in this case, we’re going to do it via the result ranking. This is a really powerful technique that you can utilize in Power BI. Never think you are limited to the standard ‘out of the

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