A Deeper Understanding Of Advanced RANKX

Advanced RANKX - How To Understand This Function More Deeply

This tutorial will go through an advanced example on the DAX function RANKX in Power BI. This is a breakout session from the Learning Summit Workshop in Enterprise DNA Online. The RANKX function gives you valuable insights when you use it for a range of different contexts in your report page. However, it can also

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Creating Dynamic Ranking Tables Using RANKX In Power BI

In this tutorial, we’ll look at a unique technique inside Power BI that allows us to create dynamic ranking tables using the RANKX function. What are Dynamic Ranking Tables? Dynamic Ranking Tables showcase a range of information dynamically in a table, but the information shown is based off a specific ranking on a singular calculation.

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Show Top Or Bottom Results Using Ranking In Power BI

In this tutorial, we are going to dive into how to utilize ranking techniques effectively in Power BI. Sometimes you don’t want to show all the results from your data in your visualization. Sometimes you only want to see the top or the bottom results, for example the top five or the bottom seven. To

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RANKX Considerations – Power BI And DAX Formula Concepts

RANKX is a very unique DAX function that requires a deeper level of thinking around its logic and in how it actually works when running a calculation in a particular context (for example a table or chart inside Power BI). What you don’t want with RANKX DAX function is to start receiving results and not really

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Master Virtual Tables in Power BI Using DAX

In this blog post, I’ll run through a truly powerful analytical technique which I’m confident will WOW anyone. Virtual tables are a unique analytical technique that you can use to visualize interesting insights inside Power BI. The example I’ll show is just one of the many techniques you can apply. I use the term “algorithms”

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