Placing Workday And Weekend Day Numbers Into The Date Table In Power BI

This is a very unique example for when working with workdays and weekend days in Power BI. It came directly out of a request from the Enterprise DNA Support Forum where a member needed to get the day for each weekday but also the day of each weekend into their date table. Compare Weekday and

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Show Last N Sales Of A Customer Only Using Power BI

We are going to go through quite an advanced tutorial here utilizing┬áDAX formulas in Power BI What I want to show you is how we can work out; how many sales we have made from a specific customer….but, we only want to look at the last three sales or last N number of sales rather

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Unpivot and Pivot Basics in Power BI – Query Editor Review

There are many occasions where you may bring data into Power BI and the data structure is not optimized for your data model. In this article, I’m going to work through when you should utilize the unpivot or pivot feature within your data queries. One thing to bear in mind early on when working on

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How To Deal With Products That Have Changing Prices Overtime In Power BI

How To Deal With Products That Have Changing Prices Overtime In Power BI

Here we are going to work through an advanced but very real-world analysis scenario that you might have to deal with inside of Power BI. The scenario here is where you have products which change in price through time. A lot of the demos/showcases that you have likely reviewed over time suggest that a product’s

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Normalizing Results On Different Days In Power BI Using DAX

Normalizing Results On Different Days In Power BI Using DAX

Occasionally when running analysis in Power BI, you may need to take into account weekends or public holidays where there is no data. When there is no data, it can make your visualizations look a little bit off. That’s where this normalizing technique comes into play…where you might need to normalize, for example, sales amounts

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