Shape Map Visualizations For Spatial Analysis In Power BI

Shape Map Visualizations For Spatial Analysis In Power BI

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The Shape Map Visualization is probably my most favorite map visualization inside of Power BI.

I think it blends in well inside of reports and dashboards. It actually looks a lot better on a report than if you’ll just use the standard map feature.

It also has other great visualization features like Drill In, Drill Out, ways to change colors for different segments inside of the shape map.

Overall in my view, it is a much more compelling way to spatially showcase things especially inside of Power BI.

The one major drawback with the Shape Map Visualization though is that there are restrictions of which locations are available to you to use.

Unfortunately, not every country or region is broken up how you may need into shape maps. There are only a certain amount of countries you can utilize these for your analytical work.

If you are analyzing something in the US or something in other major countries like Europe or Australia, then the Shape Map visual is a great visualization to add to your reports and to also segment analysis based on regions or geographic areas.

This is certainly, one to have a look at. This tutorial goes into it in far more detail around how you can initiate these and how you can utilize Shape Maps well inside of Power BI.

If you want to check out even how to develop compelling Power BI reports that look great. Check out the Dashboard & Data Visualization Intensive module at Enterprise DNA Online.

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