Deep Dive Into ALLSELECTED - DAX Function In Power BI

Deep Dive Into ALLSELECTED – DAX Function In Power BI


The ALLSELECTED function inside of Power BI is a complex DAX function. It is one of the more advanced functions that you can utilize within your reports and dashboards.

In my view, it is one that you have to learn well. You can’t just forget about it and not focus on ways you can utilize it.

If you can understand how to use ALLSELECTED, there’s so many different applications for it and ways that you can use it inside of your Power BI within measures.

This is a breakout session from a much more detailed workshop that was part of the Enterprise DNA webinar series which was all about advanced budgeting analysis.

Within this particular workshop I had to use ALLSELECTED a couple of times, as it was very relevant to the date filters that I want to apply inside of my model.

With the date filters, I needed to always be evaluating the actual dates that were being filtered. I didn’t want to have any additional information. I only wanted to focus on what was selected. This is in simplest form what ALLSELECTED does. It focuses on what you have selected within your report page. It doesn’t go and calculate something outside of that context.

I covered this in a much more detail in the video tutorial and talk through how the function works and how to apply it.

Hopefully you’ll be able to very quickly and easily see how this could be applied to some of your reports and to some of your own models. Wishing you all the best!

Check out many more budgeting and forecasting examples and content within this one course module at Enterprise DNA Online.

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