Using The ALL Function In Power BI For High Quality Insights

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This video tutorial shows you how you can use the ALL Function in Power BI to showcase unique insights.

Think about this one from a deeper analytical perspective. We’re going to dive into the average order size for sales we may be making across a variety of different products.

If you’re selling to a lot of regions, the chances are that you might be making sales at varying average order sizes. So analyzing why this is occurring is essential, with many gains to be made if you can work out why and replicate great selling regions across to poor selling one.

If you want to compare the average order size of a regional selection to the total of all regions, you can very quickly see the significant divergences in terms of the price you are selling goods in one area versus the price (and also quantity) that you are selling across all the other areas.

This is a really high-quality insight. Something that would enable any management team or leaders to understand the actual drivers of underlying performance in the business.

This can be as a result of pricing together with the average order size that you sell for your products. This tutorial shows how to perform such analytical work from start to finish. 

Specifically,  I drill into the ALL Function in Power BI which is a really important function to get your mind around if you’re starting out with DAX formula. This is because it enables a lot of similar analytical work to be applied in many different scenarios.



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