Deep Dive Into The CALCULATETABLE Function – An Important DAX Formula To Understand Well

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The CALCULATETABLE function is an incredibly important DAX function to learn and understand well.

Most of you who are just starting out with Power BI, have probably glanced over this particular function (I certainly did when I first started out using Power BI and writing DAX measures). It’s quite a complex function to understand and actually implement well inside Power BI.

My key takeaway for you with this tutorial, is that you really need to learn and understand this function well because it is the beginning of many advanced calculations you can do inside of Power BI.

If you can understand it and know when to utilize it, there are so many interesting and advanced calculations and pieces of analysis that you can start completing on your raw data.

That’s what this particular tutorial dives into. It dives into a very common way that you can utilize this function.

By reviewing it in this way, I believe you’ll have a better understanding of how you can utilize the CALCULATETABLE function yourself in your own reports and in your own models.

Good luck with learning this one.


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