Complete Power BI & DAX Tutorial Released On Enterprise DNA TV


Many have been asking for an end to end demo to work through on Enterprise DNA TV around Power BI & DAX, so I’ve decided to release one. Now everyone can learn how to create these amazing reports and dashboards with their own data.

View the tutorial here – Power BI beginner tutorial

This tutorial has come directly out of the Dashboard & Data Visualization Intensive course module at Enterprise DNA Online.

I’ve decided to release just this one demo (out of the 8 that are currently within the course) to give anyone who tunes into Enterprise DNA TV a chance to see what they can learn if you decide to upgrade to anĀ Enterprise DNA Membership.

There is so much to learn about quality Power BI development techniques in this one tutorial so certainly check it out.

Always enjoy getting feedback, so don’t forget to write in the comments.

You can view the entire tutorial and demo here – Complete Power BI tutorial

You can also download this resource that I run through here – Power BI Resources

Enjoy the training!

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5 comments on “Complete Power BI & DAX Tutorial Released On Enterprise DNA TV”

  1. Hi Sam! Thanks a lot for this tutorial! Could you share please color palettes that you are using in your reports?
    They looks very attractive. Thank you in advance,

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