Mobile Reporting Tips and Techniques For Power BI

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In this really short tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can develop reports effectively for mobile.

The Power BI team have made this very easy to implement, so I’m just going to show you how you can initiate it in your Power BI desktop models. I’m also going to show you some best practice design techniques that I utilize whenever I have to do this for any development work that I’m working on.

The key thing with mobile development in Power BI is to keep it simple, nothing too complex. None of the advanced features really work very well on mobiles. You have to just think, how can I utilize the visuals I’ve already created and create a very simple design in a mobile?

Things like custom visuals are a big NO. Tables don’t really work. So you need to focus on the key information you want to stand out.

Focus on cards and simple visualizations, which may already be somewhat filtered down to the most important insights.

The consumer is not going to be able to see as much detail as in a report on a bigger screen, so it’s all about thinking about the consumption of your analysis and then implementing a really simple design in the mobile report section in Power BI desktop.

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