Power BI and DAX Video Tutorial on Budgeting Examples

Compare Actual Results to Budgets or Forecasts in Power BI

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Budgeting in Power BI … unfortunately, it’s just not that easy to implement. I wish it was as easy as bringing in your actuals and your budgets and then like magic you would be able to see the performance insights you need visualized in a compelling way.

That’s why I wanted to create this tutorial to show you how to put it all together. Don’t worry if it takes a little while to settle in; it did for me too. Once you have some time to practice and implement this, you’ll get it just like *that*.

So why is it harder than you think? It comes down to creating the right allocation algorithm for your budgets. What I mean by this is your actual results will more than likely be at a daily level, but your budget could be at a monthly, quarterly or yearly level, or even a combination of many of those. The technical term for this is data at different ‘granularities’.

This is what we need to solve within Power BI, by structuring the correct data model and implementing the correct DAX formula. That’s why there is a bit to this, and probably why this shouldn’t be the very first thing you jump into if learning Power BI. You really need to have a decent grounding on how all the different parts of Power BI fit together.

I go into all these parts in the video, so certainly check it out. For more details around both the advanced data modeling and budgeting scenarios check out Enterprise DNA Online. There’s comprehensive coverage on all aspects of Power BI in the courses I have created.

Once you get your mind around how to implement this well, you will be so amazed at the insight and visuals you can create off the back of it. It’s really great stuff that is going to impress your ultimate Power BI consumers, and the best thing about it is you can virtually automate the reporting of it.

Good luck with implementing this specific technique or a derivative of it in your own models.

Leave me a comment with any thoughts or feedback.

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