Measure Branching – The Most Important Concept When Using DAX In Power BI


In this video tutorial I will run through what I feel is one of the most important development strategies or concepts to utilize within Power BI.

I call it Measure Branching.

The core idea with measure branching is that you start out creating calculations in Power BI with very simple measures.

I sometimes refer to these as Core Measures. These could be measures like total sales, total profit, total cost, or average sales. These are very simple calculations where we use aggregation or iteration formulas.

Where the ‘branching’ comes in, from a strategic development perspective, is when you utilize these core measures that you have already created to then branch out into more advance calculations.

These could be calculations like time intelligence, time comparison, moving average formulas, rolling average formulas, and a variety of even more advance formulas like dynamic grouping, static grouping, segmentation patterns, and much more.

The thing about this more advance calculations is that it is so much easier to create them if you start with the core measures and branch out to those calculations.

What you want to avoid in Power BI, especially around more intermediate to advance development, is creating really complex formulas that are long and difficult to understand or audit.

What we want to try and do is slowly build up complex calculations by creating one branch and then another branch and then to another branch.

What you’ll find is that you could eventually have multiple branches from this one core calculation that you’ve created, for example total sales.

I detailed this and a lot more in this tutorial below.

Certainly, there is a lot to learn and I cannot re-iterate how important this strategy around development is to learn in Power BI. It’s an incredibly crucial concept. So I wish you all the best!


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  1. At 1:35 in the video you mention that you would send a link to the Discovering Advanced Insights in Power BI workshop. I could not find the link. I am an Enterprise DNA member and couldn’t find the workshop there either. Could you please advise the link?

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