Add Custom Icons to Power BI Reports

How To Bring Custom Icons Into Your Power BI Reports

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I’ve become a big fan of using custom icons in my Power BI reports as I think it just adds a real professionalism to your reports that is difficult to get elsewhere with any visuals for example.

I wanted to show you here how I do it. The great thing is it’s easy and there is so much variety out there, you can almost get any icons you could ever imagine basically.

I use a website called FLATICON. All you have to do is write in what type of icons that you need and then you will get many different options that you can download and use. You may need to sign up to use the service but it’s actually not that expensive. I develop a lot of reports so it’s well worth it for me.

This is just what I have been using recently, so I’m happy to recommend it, but I’m sure that through google you can also find many options.

From there all you have to do is bring in an image to your Power BI reports, using the icons you select obviously.

I detail everything in this video. I use these all the time now. If you check out my Dashboarding & Data Visualisation Intensive course at Enterprise DNA Online, you’ll see that I use them effectively in almost every report I create. They add a lot in my view, I hope you can see that also.

Just a reminder that I’ll be running a webinar based on the development of the entire solution showcased in this video. You can check out more here – Effective Power BI Reporting

Good luck implementing these icons!

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