Using Great Color Schemes In Your Power BI Data Visualization

Using Great Color Schemes In Your Power BI Data Visualization


Creating a high-quality colour palette inside of Power BI is essential to making your reports look compelling and very professional.

I’m constantly seeing reports out there which use the generic colour palette for Power BI, which to me is a huge negative.

I personally can’t stand these colours as they just don’t do your work any favours in engaging your consumers in your insights.

You want to make your reports stand out. You want to make them look like impressive Powerpoint presentations as much as you can in my opinion.

The other important design piece here is that you want to make sure you are utilizing good colours in combination with each other.

Just not over doing it with colour is what I’m getting at mainly here.

During this tutorial, I run through my process around how I create colour palettes from scratch.

What I essentially do is, I gain inspiration from an image I usually search for that contains some colours that I specify. I then utilize that image in a web-based tool to generate the colour palette for me.

From generating all of these unique codes for my colour palette, I then create my palette template and integrate this into Power BI.

I walk through every step of this in detail during this tutorial. So, I highly recommend working through the video to understand my work process and also my thought process around how to generate great colour palettes inside of Power BI for your own work.

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Enjoy working through this detailed video.


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