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In terms of business reporting, there’s nothing more versatile than Power BI. You can strategically extract key analysis and insights from your data using the different features of Power BI.

However, Power BI has a lot of elements and features which can be overwhelming for beginners. That is why I want to give you a quick overview of how you can make things simple in your Power BI reporting.

The sooner you start using Power BI, the sooner you’ll start seeing its potential.

Now, I’ll walk you through some of the best reasons why Power BI is better than Excel. I’ll run through the key differences between Power BI Desktop, Power BI Online Service, and Power BI Mobile Apps.

Power BI Reporting

Distributing Information Effectively

I know I often say it, but Power BI is really the best distribution platform when it comes to business reporting. With the Power BI Online Service, you can easily distribute your organization’s information using online servers. You can also publish all your reports and presentations in the cloud.

Subsequently, anyone from your team or organization can log in to Microsoft 365 or to access the data. You can think of this as a centralized storage of all your organizational data. Even when members of the team are in different locations, they can all access the necessary data at any time.

In addition to this, Power BI can help you develop a sense of continuity within your organization.  As more people utilize the same resources, more business knowledge is shared and passed on. It ensures that key people in the organization know and understand the essential business information. This makes it easier for the next person assigned to handle it neatly in the future.

Organizing Your Data Across Different Sources

One of the key advantages of Power BI reporting is its data consolidation feature. This is one of the most powerful solutions of Power BI for your business analysis. You can easily bring your data together from different sources. It doesn’t matter if it’s from Excel, from a core database or a cloud data storage. 

You can achieve it all with the help of the DAX formula language. There are a lot of DAX formulas that can help you generate quick and effective analytical solutions in Power BI. All these techniques can help you consolidate your data from different locations. 

Moreover, when you need to create tables, charts, or visualizations using various formula work, you can use the Power BI Desktop. This is where you can manage your data reporting and build up your analysis. Most Power BI users spend most of their time here.

Integrating Your Reports For Seamless Transition

It’s equally important that you can integrate all your reports within Microsoft and other enterprises. In Power BI, you can easily retrieve any data from any Power BI system and work on it seamlessly.

Using Power BI Mobile Apps, you can access your Power BI reports through laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. This is made possible because all your information is synched in the cloud. In addition to that, Power BI is integrated into Office 365 and into all your enterprises within the organization.

This can help you work with the key people and teams more closely and produce phenomenal results.


Using Power BI in your business reporting is easier by learning the fundamentals. Aside from the fact that Power BI is a cost-effective choice, you can essentially grow your business knowledge and techniques. 

This is just an overview of what Power BI can bring to your business. Once you master the fundamental parts and features of Power BI, I’ll also teach you intermediate and advanced techniques to further maximize your experience.

As I have mentioned before, there are a lot of features in Power BI that are not available in Excel. I hope you can find more time to explore and learn them.

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