How To Create Virtual Relationships Using TREATAS In Power BI

How To Create Virtual Relationships Using TREATAS In Power BI

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The TREATAS function in DAX is one of the most interesting DAX formulas that you can utilise inside of your Power BI models.

It’s only been around for the last couple of years and it has a very specific usage which can become very beneficial if you are looking to simplify your data model and also your DAX formulas.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how we can create a virtual relationship within a formula.

What you don’t need to do here is to create any physical relationships in your data model. You can actually link up two tables or two columns from two different tables utilising this TREATAS function.

The most logical reason for using this function and the reason why I use it quite heavily in a lot of models that I develop is it really simplifies everything that you’re doing in the backend of your model; in the data model of your Power BI report.

Instead of having a range of relationships that can bring a number of complexities into your development, the TREATAS function can really simplify the data model aspect and the relationships that can be built into your DAX formulas.

There are certainly unique occasions where you should use this function and that’s what this tutorial is all about. Showing you how and when to use this particular function effectively when designing and developing your Power BI models and reports.

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Enjoy working through this one.


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