Announcing The Enterprise DNA Submit A Showcase Program

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Today we are launching a brand-new program here at Enterprise DNA.

We are looking to collaborate with talented Power BI analysts and developers through our new submit a showcase program.

What’s the Submit A Showcase Program all about?

Enterprise DNA already has an extensive depository of Power BI showcases and projects. You can actually view all of these at the Enterprise DNA showcase and all members gain access to the underlying Power BI files so that they can see how they are developed from the ground up.

Enterprise DNA Showcase

We understand though that there are so many different scenarios where you can develop great reporting applications with Power BI. That’s why we want to start collaborating with those who have developed something compelling which they wish to share with us.

Via earning a complimentary membership or through a one-time payment, we are looking to reward those who are willing to share their showcases with us. We will also work with those who apply by providing feedback and suggestions on how to make their Power BI models even better.

There are standards that we will place on any application to this program. To evaluate if you’re own Power BI showcase is of quality that will be accepted by Enterprise DNA, we suggest to compare your work to the current reports at the Enterprise DNA Showcase. If you feel your Power BI report is of a comparable standard, then we would like to hear from you.

We believe that through this program we will be able to find some talented individuals and interesting analysis scenarios that will benefit the community as a whole.

For the best applicants you might actually find other opportunities for collaboration with Enterprise DNA in the near future.

In conclusion we are looking to build up an even greater inventory of high-quality Power BI reports and solutions that can enable all members to learn and master Power BI across an even wider breadth of analysis scenarios.

We are really looking forward to seeing what all Power BI users connected to Enterprise DNA can come up with.

You can find all further details around this program at the link below.

Submit A Showcase Program

Look forward to hearing from you.

Enterprise DNA team

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