Use CALCULATE table function to determine the lost customers

Analyze Who Your Lost Customers Are Using Power BI & DAX

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In this example we’re going to dive into some customer churn analysis in Power BI.

Attrition Analysis Enterprise DNA

Power BI is an amazing tool for high-quality analytics. It does not have a close competitor at this point in time in my view.

In this particular example, I’m going to show you how we can not only work out how many lost customers we have as an organization. But also work out who those particular customers are and be able to dynamically drill down into those customers and then see some insights about those customers individually and as a group.

Churn Analysis Enterprise DNA

Hopefully, you can see how powerful this analysis can be and how it can improve your decision making within your organizations.

Not only can you see high-level numbers but you can also see the granular information which is going to allow you to make decisions around resourcing, marketing, and advertising, etc. to your very specific customers.

Find Your Lost Customers Power BI

There are a number of advanced functions and techniques to go over in this particular tutorial. Really dive into the CALCULATETABLE function which is a regularly used function and an essential one for more of the high-level analytics that we are going to cover during this particular video.

I highly recommend diving into this one and trying to understand all the different aspects of this piece of analysis. A lot of the ideas and concepts are reusable for other high-level and advanced analysis that you can do inside of Power BI.

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Enjoy working through this one.


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