New vs Existing Customers – Advanced Analytics w/DAX

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If you’re an online retailer or a high frequency sales operation, then understanding your customer base, like if they are new customers or existing customers, is a really high quality insight.

You’ll want to dive into this type of analysis because you need to evaluate if most of your sales are attributed to people who are brand new to your company, or if you are adding consistent value to customers and they’re coming back for more and more, meaning greater sales.

Implementing this in Power BI is not that easy. The DAX formula will likely take sometime to get your head around but it is so powerful from an analytical point of view. The insights that you can derive and implement effectively once you know what you’re doing are pretty incredible.

In this video tutorial, I’m going to walk through both formulas – the one that you need to calculate if a customer is new, and then how you can derive from that how many people are already customers or have bought before in a previous time frame.

What I’m also going to show you is how you can keep it dynamic, so you can actually utilize the data model and see from any year who is a new customer and who returned and bought more from you. You’ll quickly see how you can apply this in lots of different ways.

As a really practical example with this, you could jump to any time frame and analyze, based on the marketing promotion activity that you may run, how many people make a purchase, how many of those sales came from existing customer versus new ones, and also what were the long term implications of your promotions on overall sales.

So as you can see, some really high quality stuff. It’s really an amazing use of Power BI as an analytical tool.

Try and learn this well and it will put you in a good position to develop some really compelling reports in Power BI.

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