Sorting Your Months & Quarters According To Your Financial Years In Power BI

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It’s very likely that you will want to showcase your results by financial year instead of by calendar year. You may think that you require a new date table to do this, but you actually don’t.

You can use exactly the same date table – you just need to include a column that allows you to sort date dimensions by financial year rather than the standard calendar one.

I remember being confused by this too, before I got my head around it, but it will make complete sense once you work your way through this once.

This technique actually has many applications. You will commonly have many dimensions that you may want to sort in a particular way. Well, you would use exactly the same technique as showcased here.

There certainly is a bit of a trick to working out the logic you need for your sorting column, but if you’re familiar with Excel formulas, then you shouldn’t have too many problems. Most of the logic inside calculated columns is exactly the same and can be applied to your Power BI tables.

Watch this video which shows how to sort by financial year. As I mentioned, once you get across this once, you’ll see how it can be applied in many ways. Good luck with this one.

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