Filter Your Data By Unique Financial Years & Quarters – Power BI Modeling Technique

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Sometimes you want to filter your data by financial or fiscal years versus filter by calendar years. This particular tutorial is going to cover how you can do just that.

What we’re going to do is use a current date table that we may already have inside of our model. If you want to learn how to create a date table then check out this link below.

Create A Detailed Date Table Fast

There are a few steps that we need to complete to enable the dynamic filtering of financial years and quarters.

In theory, you could actually consolidate these steps into one step but what I have done in this tutorial is break them out so they can be easily understood and implemented inside your own data models and Power BI reports.

Making sure that you can dynamically filter by financial years is very important¬†when analyzing any type of financial results within organizations. If you’re reporting is in anything but a calendar year then implementing this type of logic inside your date table is going to be absolutely essential to get the correct numbers and figures showcasing in your visualizations.

The key to remember here is to make sure that all of this logic is integrated into the date table in your model. Your date table inside of Power BI needs to be in isolation and not be integrated into any other table.

By using calculated columns inside your date table the filtering becomes relatively seamless inside your reports around any time period especially financial ones including; years, quarters and months.

Good luck reviewing this technique.


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