How To Create Unique Financial Year Quarters In Power BI

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If you had the opportunity to view the detailed date table tutorial that I ran through in a previous post, you will find that most of the supporting date columns like months, quarters, and financial years are generally made up for a standard calendar date table.

In a lot of cases though, you need to get financial quarters aligned correctly to the correct months.

To do this with code within the Query Editor probably has a little bit too much to it for a lot of users.

So, I have decided to create a video on how you can utilize Calculated Column Logic to implement the custom financial quarters that you may require within your date table and for your organization.

In this video, I run through in detail how this all works and how you can very easily replicate this in your own models.

Very quickly, you will see that you can start filtering by the custom financial years that you may have within your business.

All business are going to have different financial years and following on from that varying financial quarters.

So this is very relevant to a lot of those situations and scenarios that you will likely have to deal with at some point with Power BI.

Good luck learning this technique.


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