Calculate The Total Of New Clients You're Onboarding Every Month - Advanced DAX

Calculate The Total Of New Clients You’re Onboarding Every Month – Advanced DAX

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In this example, I want to showcase how many new customers we have every month.

It is certainly open to debate what you would classify as a “new customer” based on your organization or industry. However, regardless of your definition, the technique will be very similar to the example that I will walk you through.

This is advanced and does require an understanding of table functions and virtual tables inside of Power BI, but I go through this in detail throughout this tutorial. I show you the formulas that you need to implement to be able to get this working and showcase it in a compelling and dynamic way inside of your Power BI reports.

This is a really powerful metric to understand the makeup of your customers during any period of time. In this particular case, we will showcase it by month.

This technique allows you to understand how much it is actually costing you to get revenue on board in your organization.

Generally, a new customer costs more than an existing customer. So understanding the trends behind who is purchasing from you is very important for a lot of organizations.

This is an advanced one but a really interesting and compelling calculation that you can start working into your own analysis and reports.


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