Compare Current Results To The Prior Best Performance Month in Power BI

Compare Current Results To The Prior Best Performance Month in Power BI


In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to use Power BI to compare your sales in any particular month to the previous best month you’ve ever achieved.

This is a very unique piece of analysis that will give you more insight into what leads to successful outcomes within your organization.

Successful businesses will compare their revenues for this month to their best month throughout their organization’s history to really understand what specific factors were at play, and how they interacted to create these strong results.

It’s quite a unique comparison. Sometimes, it’s not only worthwhile to analyze historic months, quarters, or years. Many times it might actually be helpful to focus on that one dynamic month where the best performance was achieved.

We can efficiently complete these calculations using Power BI. No matter how unique they are, there is a way we can combine various different DAX functions and logic within these formulas to discover these great insights. This is a really cool example of how you can effectively use DAX functions CALCULATE and FILTER in combination.

All the best working through this! I think you’ll enjoy learning how to combine a number of different features of Power BI to understand the specific factors that make your organization successful.


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2 comments on “Compare Current Results To The Prior Best Performance Month in Power BI”

  1. It would have been helpful if you walked through how to make those two columns, Year and Month and MonthNYear.
    When I run it its the same values as the original metric.

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