Calculating How Much Profit We May Be Losing Out On – Power BI Analytics


Here I want to dive in a real world application of Power BI – How can we discover how much profit are we missing out on?

There are probably a few ways that you could work out solutions to this. The way I have done it with this example is to focus in on margin analysis for each sale that we make.

I wouldn’t to showcase how specific you can get inside Power BI just by expanding your mind around what’s possible.

Across different customers and regions, you might actually have sales of similar products at different margins. By working hard to minimize these margin differentials between what you sell products at across these many different dimensions, you will ultimate benefit from increase returns across the board.

If we are selling products or goods below average margins, then obviously there’s some profit we’re missing out on.

I love how this just shows the real world application potential when using Power BI. You can utilize Power BI in so many effective ways to find valuable insights for your business.

For many more business analytics examples for Power BI, certainly check out this course module within Enterprise DNA Online. So much to review here and learn from.

Business Analytics Series

Take care and all the best.


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2 comments on “Calculating How Much Profit We May Be Losing Out On – Power BI Analytics”

  1. Hi Sam – How would do add a What If analysis to this? For example – if profits increased by 1% for each customer, how would it help the bottom line?


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