Implement Budgets & Forecasts Automatically in Power BI Using DAX

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I’m going to show you with this tutorial how you can create budgets in Power BI that are purely based of historical information and complete it in an automatic way.

When you create budgets and forecasts sometimes you may have to go through a very comprehensive process.

So this is obviously isn’t going to cover a lot of the bottom up builds of budget setting within organizations. In a lot of cases though, you can get just as an effective result from doing something as relatively seamless and simple as the example that I run through here.

By using table functions, we are going to create a physical table which holds information around our budgets by month and by product.

The great thing about this is it’s going to occur in an automated way. We can just push refresh and we’ll be able to extract the budget information.

We can also put a place a factor over the budget numbers. For example, say we’re expecting growth in our budgets? We can factor this into the logic and calculated results.

Ultimately, we’re doing this because we want to be able to compare actuals versus our budget and forecast results.

For many more budgeting and forecasting techniques and tips to use within Power BI, check out the below module located at Enterprise DNA Online. This one module is stacked with content covering nearly all potential scenarios you may have to deal with in Power BI around these topics

Budgeting & Forecasting

Enjoy, Sam

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