Budgeting Scenarios In Power BI Using DAX

Budgeting Scenarios In Power BI Using DAX

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So we’re going to really dive into some problem-solving here. This is some really great stuff that you can do with Power BI, but if we just step back for a moment, the key here is, first of all, you’ve got to be able to think analytically. And that’s what I want to do initially.

I want to show you how you can look at your data, evaluate it, but then think about, how can we take this further? How can we add some more value to this analysis by solving a particular problem that we’re looking at? In this case, we’re looking at our actuals versus budget.

We can look at this and say, well, that’s interesting. We’re slightly behind budget or we’re slightly above budget. But with Power BI, we can take it further and we can say…how can we actually make budget?”

By combining not only this analytical thinking but also the analytical capabilities that you have at your disposal with Power BI, we can actually solve these scenario quite effectively. We can actually showcase what you need to do, and then that will allow you to ultimately take actions that add true value to your organisations.

In this example we, first of all, set up actual results versus budget. If we’re behind budget we need to ask ourselves what is the difference to our actuals.

By using the data model we can overlay these results to our products or regions quite easily and then reverse engineer what the actual sales are the we need to actually make it back up to our benchmark level.

Step-by-step, utilizing DAX formula, we can achieve this type of insight. I’m hoping you get a lot out of this example and hopefully you get a lot out of me explaining how I analytically think about things. I think that’s a big part of developing great model and report in Power BI…you need to get into the zone of thinking well analytically.

It’s not just about dragging this visual in here, making this look nice using this DAX measure. It’s about what can we see within our data and then what can we derive from that. It’s combining all these things which is really, really powerful. That’s certainly what I want to get across or what I want to teach you at the same time utilizing all the great things in Power BI.

Certainly, try and utilize some of these techniques. There’s a lot of value within them, especially if you combine them. So all the best with getting this inside your Power BI models.

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