Background Design Plates – Power BI Visualization Technique

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Here’s a visualization technique that you can utilize within your reports by using large images in the background.

In a lot of demos I have created and showcased during the Enterprise DNA webinar series or learning summits, I always put a lot of effort in the visualization.

I always put shapes in my reports to segment certain visualizations because I feel that this showcases results in a far more compelling way compared to putting everything in a blank page without color.

With the technique that I talked through in this tutorial, I’m showcasing a way that you can design a background plate, create an image, and then import them into your Power BI report.

This will prevent you from having to work with a lot of individual shapes like I have done previously. It’s a really quick and easy way to create backgrounds especially if you have some themes or corporate templates that you need to work with.

This will be perfect idea to utilize if there is a requirement across a whole range of Power BI reports. Instead of having your developers in your organization all create their own themes, this is a way to standardize things.

Certainly, I’ll showcase this quite frequently in a lot of the examples on the Enterprise DNA showcase page. So if you need inspiration, I suggest you check it out.

For more visualization technique you can utilize in Power BI, certainly check out the below course module at Enterprise DNA Online. Plenty to learn just within this one modules of Power BI tutorials.

Dashboarding & Data Visualization Intensive

Enjoy this one.


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