What’s The Most Common Behavior From Your Customers? – Power BI Analysis

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In today’s business world, understanding common customer behavior is of utmost importance for many functional areas within companies. 

Analyzing consumer behavior serves as a tool to help plan and meet sales objectives.

Additionally, understanding buyer behavior helps decide where and how to better position products or services.

You can evaluate how your customers act and predict how they will behave in the future in a dynamic way using Power BI. 

In this video tutorial,  I will dive into some behavioral type analysis to work out the most common behavior from customers.

If you look at it on face value, it’s quite difficult to imagine how you can analyze customer behavior inside Power BI. That’s the reason for this video tutorial, where I do a deep dive into this type of insight.

First, you need to analytically think about how you want to achieve your desired result in Power BI. And then structure your model and DAX formulas by combining both ‘out of the box’ thinking and some practical application.

There are many ways analysis like this can benefit a business. Such insights can help you determine the actions and decisions you’ll implement from a marketing perspective and also for future logistical challenges.

For more examples around advanced business analytics. Check out the below course module from Enterprise DNA Online.

Business Analytics Series

Enjoy learning about this analytical technique.


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