Learn How to Detect Abnormal Patterns Behavior in Your Datasets – Advanced Power BI

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In this video tutorial, I will show you in detail how you can discover abnormal patterns of behavior within your data sets. This is not something that will immediately stand out when running analysis across your data so you have to think quite analytically about it.

By thinking deeply about what you want to achieve and then setting up a data model that works for these types of calculations you can obtain these high quality result that you may be looking for. 

In this example we’ll be trying to understand what a customer has done previously. We also would like to assess if recent purchases are normal or abnormal compared to what has happened in the past.

This is where I believe this abnormal, outlier, or anomaly type of analysis adds a lot of value. Why? Because you want to understand if your customers are performing better or if the salespersons are selling more.

If we are able to find patterns of behavior that are positive for us in a particular segment of our data, then attempting to replicate this across other segments is a strong strategic action we can take.

The goal is to replicate advantageous customer behavior and apply it on other areas of the business.

This technique will tremendously help with increasing your analytical thinking around what you can achieve in Power BI. 

You can extract extreme value from this type analysis and therefore it is absolutely worth reviewing and drilling into in details.

These types and many more can be found in advanced Power BI modules at Enterprise DNA Online. For more detail check out the module below.

Advanced Analytics in Power BI

Enjoy reviewing this one.


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