Deep Dive Into Data Outliers – How To Discover And Analyze In Power BI Using DAX

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Today, we’re going to work through some advanced logic. We’ll look to analyze just the outliers in our data.

It’s not just the outliers we want to see, we also want to delve deeper into these outlier results to enable us to understand why they are so.

This is where you can take your Power BI development to the next level, where you can really look through and understand what is driving the results you are seeing.

A lot of times, your outlier results, be it above or below trend are things you want to look into more. Why? Because they could be some person or some familiar characters that you would need to replicate; or on the flip side, they could be elements or entities that you need to eradicate from the underlying performance that you are seeing.

Completing this type of work in Power BI does require a reasonable amount of knowledge around DAX formulas, and that’s what this tutorial is all about.

Actually, this is a breakout session from a much longer workshop that had many hundreds of people turn up live to where we delved deeper into how you can build an entire report focused on outliers and all the different variety of DAX that you require to make it happen.

Enjoy diving into this tutorial, there’s so much more to learn about how advanced you can take your Power BI analysis. Your consumers and colleagues are genuinely going to love discovering and being able to see this type of information almost in real time and in a dynamic way.


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